Van City

What can we say about Vancouver? We love it! A city (almost) surrounded by water—the Strait of Georgia, English Bay, False Creek, the Fraser River and Burrard Inlet—with stunning mountains as a backdrop, its beauty is hard to beat. The many high-rise condos are separated by open space, with broad pedestrian and (separate) bicycling paths along the waterfronts.

It’s so beautiful I think it’s best said with photos.

We got all around the city without a car. Public transportation options are plentiful: the bus, two different trains, and—my favorite—the Aquabus. Oh, and we walked a lot.

There is a LOT of construction going on in Vancouver.

I like the Canadian bills. They feel kind of plastic-y and are partly transparent.

Funny money!

Funny money!

Of course there are many great restaurants and some unique food experiences such as the Japadog, hotdogs with various Japanese condiments. The Yaletown Brewery was within walking distance making it easy to refill our growler.

But my favorite thing about Vancouver is the water, the water, the water.

Written by Holly Holbrook


2 thoughts on “Van City

  1. Great photos as ever! Vancouver has been built up. I really liked it in the olden days without the condos and towers. Love, Y.


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