Summer’s End on the Oregon Coast

We were supposed to be in Banff, British Columbia today. After learning that much of the smoke from the huge wildfires in Washington state is blowing up into BC, we felt it best to reroute our road trip. Substituting an idyllic drive down the Oregon and California coasts would be just the thing, we thought.

Here in Cannon Beach, Oregon we witnessed the end of summer as a big storm bringing lots of rain and blustery winds blew in overnight.

Images captured on Friday, the calm before the storm:

Woke up to strong rain and winds at 3am. Here’s what the radar map looked like.

Radar image at 3am August 29.

Radar image at 3am August 29.

And the morning after…

It’s always dynamic on the coast, with a capital D currently.

Cannon Beach is stunningly beautiful. We were lucky to get a place to stay on short notice as, unbeknownst to us, the Hood to Coast Relay is taking place this weekend with over 13,000 runners in 1,050 teams covering 198 miles from Mt. Hood to the town of Seaside, just north of Cannon Beach. Needless to say, the participants are getting more than they bargained for with the current weather conditions.

These crazy winds are supposed to die down around midday. Then we’ll continue our journey south along the Pacific. Next stop: Reedsport, Oregon.

By the way, for those unfamiliar with WordPress, you can click on any of the above images to see them enlarged and in a slideshow format.

Written by Holly Holbrook


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