Molly Martin and Holly Holbrook founded the Alliterative Names Society soon after they met at a hoe-down on the northern California coast. We are now married, live in Santa Rosa, have a love/hate relationship with writing, and feel compelled to hit the road rather frequently to see new sights or visit familiar haunts in this stunning piece of the world we feel so lucky to live in. Most of our travels are in California, some venture farther afield. Holly eagerly awaits the jetpacks we feel we were promised in a bygone era, but meanwhile we move around via train, plane and automobile. We try to document everything with our smartphones, and share it all with you here in cyberspace because we can. To see posts from our 2013 travel blog, go to moho2013.wordpress.com.


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  1. Hello from Ky! My father in World War II and I have a photo of him at the blue and gold in San Francisco on Turk Street. I have been researching my father’s war history for several years and came across you while researching the blue and gold bar. Interested I could send you a copy of the picture. Photo also has a cover with blue and gold on the front of the cover. I have a few other pictures of him in bars on Turk Street also. Taken in the early 1940s. Thank you for sharing your travels. I am glad you came across the blue and gold on Turk Street. Thank u—-Joy Beasley Sexton. Louisville, Ky

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    • We would love to see the photo! Molly is currently researching her mother’s travels with the Red Cross as a “doughnut girl” during WWII IN Europe. I love how the WordPress community brings us together.


    • So great to hear from you Ky! Yes, yes, please send photos. You can see in our post that there is a new Tenderloin museum and I bet the curators would also love to see and display the photos. If you ever get to San Francisco you should go to the Tenderloin and the museum. Fascinating history!


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